A consultation with a Face by SM specialist is required prior to any treatment or treatment plan.

Packages are only valid for individual use.


Dermal Filler injections may be used in many areas of the face to fill and smooth lines, wrinkles, deep folds, improve the appearance of scars as well as restore and enhance the youthful curves of the face by adding volume to cheeks and lips and defining the natural contours of the jaw, chin and other areas.


Downtime 2 days  |  Pain ●○○○○  |  Treatment Time 30 minutes  

Soft Filler  |  Medium Filler  |  Thick Filler

The thicker the product the more longevity.

Lip Filler  | Subtle  
Subtle (soft) $300  |  Subtle (medium) $400

Lip Filler  |  Noticeable Volume
1ml Soft  $500
1ml Medium $650
1ml Thick $700  

Jowls/Marrionette Lines/Smile Lines
Fine - Deep Lines $300 - $630
Chin/Jawline Contouring
Chin Only 1ml (subtle) $630
Chin 1ml (Noticeable) $680
Chin 2ml (enhanced) $990 - $1050
Jawline (3ml) $1500  
1ml $680  |  2ml $1200

 Tear Trough
1ml (refresh - tired eyes) $680
2ml (uplift - very hollow) $1050
Cheek Contouring
1 Syringe (subtle) $680
2 Syringe (glam) $1050

Dermal Filler Discount
2ml of any product $1050
3ml of any product $1500
4ml of any product $2000
5ml of any product $2500
6ml of any product $3000
7ml of any product $3500


Anti-wrinkle injections are a powerful non-surgical treatment that smooths dynamic wrinkles and unwanted lines, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.


Downtime 12 - 24 hours   

Pain ●○○○○  

Treatment Time 15 - 30 minutes

Type A $14 Per Unit  |  Type B $4.50 Per Unit 

Anti Wrinkle Packages
1 Area $280
2 Areas $450  |  Frown + forehead or crows feet

3 Areas $580  |  Frown, forehead + crows feet
Hyperhidrosis $1000

Full Face Glow Dermal Filler Packages
2ml spread  10% off 
3ml spread  15% off

4ml spread  20% off
5ml spread  20% off
6ml spread  20% off
Combined Packages
1 Area Anti-wrinkle + 1ml $850
1 Area Anti-wrinkle + 2mls $1350
2 Area Anti-wrinkle + 1ml $950
2 Area Anti-wrinkle + 2mls $1550
3 Area Anti-wrinkle + 1ml $1100



An effective treatment for the face, neck and décolleté; improving hydration, texture, elasticity and overall appearance of the skin. Skin is infused using a unique formula of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, amino acids and antioxidants, designed to repair skin while hydrating it. Results in immediate and long lasting skin rejuvenation and luminosity. 

1 Treatment  $450  |  Pack of 3  $1100


Matrix Mono Threads are a type of single PDO filament. They are inserted into the skin to achieve maximum tightening effects. After entering the skin, the threads activate collagen synthesis for a gradual skin tightening and skin rejuvenation effect. 

Eyebrow Lift    $650 

Lower Cheeks  $800

Oral Comms     $450

Peri Oral          $450

Smile Lines      $450 

Submental       $800

Full Face         $2900

Half Face         $1800

Skin + Body  Treatments 

Customised Peels

Our peels contain the highest concentrations of chirally correct, active ingredients, using both all-natural, organic resources and high-performance compounds sourced from the most advanced biotech & pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Downtime 1 - 2 days  

Pain ●○○○○

Treatment Time 30 minutes

Peels: Lacto 20% $130  | 40% $160  |  60%  $200  |  Timeless Peel $299  |  Package $499


Medical Grade Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion exfoliates the top epidermal layer of skin via a handheld device that contains microcrystals.

Downtime 0 days  

Pain ○○○○○  

Treatment Time 30 minutes

Full Face $89  |  Face, Neck & Dec $150 (Post care - add on $39)


Laser Genesis™

Laser Genesis™ stimulates collagen to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, with additional heat generated in dilated capillaries to reduce redness and treat skin conditions such as rosacea and poikiloderma of civatte. Laser Genesis™ is used to treat areas of the face, neck, décolletage and body.


Downtime 0 days  

Pain ○○○○○  

Treatment Time 30 minutes

Full Face $250  |  Pack of 3 $650 (add on $49)


LED Healite 11

LED Light therapy enhances your body’s natural cellular recovery, improving healing, relieving pain, subsiding active acne and promoting skin rejuvenation.

Downtime 0 days  

Pain ○○○○○  

Treatment Time 15-25 minutes

Yellow Light $69 ($49 add-on to treatment)  |  Red Light $69 (add-on $49)  |  Blue Light $99 (add-on $69)


PRP Treatments

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma which is blood plasma containing a high concentration of platelets. PRP can help regenerate and revitalise damaged tissue.

Downtime 1 - 3 days  

Pain ●●●○○  

Treatment Time 90 minutes

Per Vial $450  |  Pre pay pack of 2 $850  |  Pack of 3 $1200 Add on Skin Needling $200
PRP V2 Gun 1 Vial $699  

Plasma Pen

The Plasma Pen treatment works by creating a series of minute dots on the skin which trigger an instant contraction and tightening of the skin fibres, to create a lifting, remodelling and rejuvenating effect of the area treated.

Downtime 7 - 10 days  

Pain ●●●●○  

Treatment Time 15 - 45 minutes

Upper Eyes $399  |  Upper and Lower eyes $998  |  Crows Feet $300 |  Chin $499  |  Nasolabial Folds $499  |  Lip Lift $199  |  Brow Lift $650  |  Cheeks $1200  |  Full Face $2500  |  Neck Lift $899  |  Tummy POA  |  Other areas POA


Skin Needling

Skin Needling is a non-invasive treatment that restores and rejuvenates the skin by reducing wrinkles and fine lines, tightening and improving elasticity, shrinking enlarged pores, minimising scarring, and repairing pigmentation, sun damaged and ageing skin.

Downtime 1 - 2 days  

Pain ●●○○○  

Treatment Time 60 minutes 

Single Treatment $400  |  Pack of 3 $999 (with post care - add on $200)


Submental Fat Reduction

Chin sculpting is non-invasive double chin treatment that reduces fat and contours the jawline and neck.

Downtime 0 days  

Pain ●○○○○  

Treatment Time 30 minutes 

One Treatment $600  |  Pack of 3 $1500


Tattoo Removal

The Pastelle Q-switch laser has been revered as the new gold standard for tattoo removal. It is renowned for removing tattoos faster after fewer treatments with less risk of complications, and also being able to remove black ink.

Downtime 17 - 10 days  

Pain ●●●○○

Treatment Time 15 - 30 minutes




Ultraformer Lift

Ultraformer III is an innovation in non-surgical skin tightening and lifting. Tighten and lift with this innovative non-surgical skin tightening treatment that delivers immediate and long-lasting results with little or no downtime.

Downtime 0 days  

Pain ●○○○○  

Treatment Time 60 minutes


Full Face $2000 |  Upper or lower face lift $1000 Add Smile lines $150  |  Add brow lift $199  |  Eyes x3 sessions $1000  |  Cheek Hollowing $440 or x3 sessions $1200 |  Other Areas POA


Hollywood Lift

Our unique Hollywood Lift treatment uses Ultraformer III non-invasive face-lifting technology. Ultraformer III precisely targets multiple deeper layers of the skin, bypassing the surface so you can see immediate and long-lasting results with little or no downtime.

Downtime 0 days  

Pain ●○○○○  

Treatment Time 30 minutes

Each $650  |  Pack of 3 $1650


Cosmelan Peel

A Cosmelan Peel is a two-step skin brightening treatment designed to treat the specific symptoms of melasma, which can occur during hormone changes in the body due to pregnancy or menopause, and hyperpigmentation, which can occur due to sun exposure or genetics.

Downtime 1 - 5 days  


Treatment Time 30 - 45 minutes


$1500 with home care pack + 3x post treatment reviews including LED Light therapy


China Doll

The Carbon Laser Facial is a laser procedure instantly enhances the skin’s radiance and promoting a smooth, glowing complexion. It helps to reduce imperfections like enlarged pores and acne, which originate from the outer skin layer.

Downtime 0 days  

Pain ○○○○○  

Treatment Time 45 minutes

$349 includes a micro or peel prior to treatment if needed Pack of 3 $900 (add on $69)


Pigmentation Removal

Pastelle Laser - The Ultimate in skin laser treatment for sun/age spots, pigmentary concerns. brighter/radiant complexion, even skin tone and returns skin to its youthful state.

Downtime 1  day - with mild flaking of the pigment for 7-14 days  

Pain ●●○○○

Treatment Time 15 - 30 minutes

Full Face $250  |  Half Face $125  |  Face, neck & decollete $349

Fractional Laser

Fractional Laser (non ablative) creates micro channels in the skin, heating the tissue in these columns causing fibroblast and collagen production. This leads to increased skin thickness, decreased pore size, skin tightening, decreased pigmentation and all over rejuvenation. 
Using the only TGA Approved machine for clinical results on stretch marks and scars including post surgery scars.


Pain ●●○○○

Treatment Time 15 - 30 minutes

Full Face $349  |  Neck Add-On $99  |  Scar < 6cm $99   
Scar 7-20cm $199  |  Scar 30cm $349  |  20-30cm $249