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PRP Stands for platelet rich plasma which is blood plasma containing a high concentration of platelets. PRP can help regenerate and revitalise damaged tissue and helps with skin laxity, fine lines and mild to moderate wrinkles, texture improvement and increased vitality of skin.

Treated areas can include: total face rejuvenation | Jawline Definition | Neck Tightening | Peri Oral Lines (lines around the mouth) | Peri Orbital Lines (lines are the eyes) | Lip Regeneration | Post Pregnancy Concerns | Hands and Arms | Ageing Knees | Décolleté | Treating Scars | Hair Restaration

Downtime 1 - 3 days mild redness and potential swelling
Pain ●●○○○
Treatment Time
90 minutes


Prior to your PRP Therapy session, our Registered Nurse will discuss what to expect during your treatment. However, it is helpful to remember that there are a few things to take into consideration before your session: 

  • At least five days before your procedure, discontinue anti-inflammatory medications 

  • One week before your procedure, discontinue any blood thinning herbs or supplements 

  • One to two weeks before your procedure, discontinue systemic steroids 

  • At least one month before your procedure, discontinue steroid injections 

  • 2 days prior to your procedure, we encourage a healthy, low fat diet and 3L water intake


A blood sample is collected in 1-2 specially designed tubes. This blood is then placed in a centrifuge multiple times using the newest technology the PRP is isolated from other cells within the blood, while simultaneously ensuring the cells at the right concentration are utilised to deliver effective rejuvenation. 

A numbing agent may be applied prior to minimise discomfort.


PRP helps accelerate the process of tissue regeneration and repair, encourages new collagen, elastin and new blood supply. Using the body's natural response is to attract platelets that release growth factors and facilitate healing.

By re-injecting concentrated platelets made from your own blood, there is an increase in the release of growth factors, which accelerates the natural healing process.

Platelets are cells in your blood that respond when a blood vessel is damaged. In addition, platelets play an important role in healing by releasing growth factors and stimulating a cascade of processes that lead to tissue repair. Platelets also assist to stimulate Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) in the skin to change from resting to active phase. The MSCs will form new tissue such collagen, elastin, muscle, nerves, blood vessels, etc., thus assisting to restore the structure of your skin.


Improves skin tone and texture, tightens skin, and softens lines and pores. Results begin to show one (1) to two (2) weeks after the treatment session and continue to improve with time.

You can expect to see the benefits of PRP facial rejuvenation in about 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment. Results are gradual, and the skin will continue to improve as the process of renewal can go on for up to a month after the procedure. For best results, we recommend 3 to 4 sessions, 4 weeks apart.

Treatment results vary depending on your body’s metabolism.


  • Bleeding at the injection and/or blood collection site, which is usually resolved within the first 24 hours

  • Tenderness, pinkness/redness and increased warmth at the treatment area, which is usually resolved within four days.

  • Bruising at the injection and/or blood collection site is usually resolved within three to five days.


Anyone who:

  • Has a platelet disorder and / or blood disorder

  • Is currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment

  • Autoimmune disease ie. Lupus, HIV, Cancer, Severe Metabolic and Systemic Disorders

  • Has an acute and chronic infection

  • Thromobocytopenia 

  • Skin Cancer/Other Malignancy 

  • Has liver infection

  • Has a severe systemic or metabolic condition/ disorder

  • Is undergoing anti‐coagulation therapy

  • Has received an injection of long acting steroids at the

  • Is pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Is under the age of 18 years

If you are unsure, contact us.


  • Refrain from washing the treated area for the first 12 hours. This will allow the platelets to activate and commence the skin rejuvenation process.

  • Refrain from strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours

  • Take paracetamol and/or codeine if required, but avoid aspirin for two days

  • Avoid supplements that may increase bruising (e.g. fish oil) for two days

  • Avoid inflammatory medication (e.g. Nurofen), topical gels (e.g. Voltaren) and oral steroids (e.g. Prednisone) for ten days


To ensure that you are happy and that optimal results are achieved, it is recommended that you attend a review appointment and assessment.

Your health and well-being is our priority. If you are concerned about any aspect of your treatment, or if you become unwell – contact the clinic immediately.

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