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A hug in a tube, with all the benefits of a professional skincare salon. Balance your complexion, protect against environmental aggressors and nourish and hydrate your dry, sensitive or compromised skin. 


What are the benefits of mesoestetic hydracream fusion?

  • Cream-to-oil texture melts into skin for a nourishing feel. 
  • Removes excess oil, dirt, impurities and makeup
  • Helps to prepare the skin for further treatments, for maximum permeability. 
  • Brightens and smooths the skin's surface.
  • Promotes renewal, helping to prevent and reduce the look of imperfections. 
  • Promotes skin balance. 
  • Uses key innovations and active ingredients with proven efficacy. 
  • Helps protect the skin against pollution and other environmental stressors which cause oxidative damage. 



What are the key ingredients in mesoestetic hydracream fusion?

  • Squalane - intensely nourishes and smooths the skin, reinforces barrier function and helps to enhance tissue elasticity. 


What skin types or skin concerns are best addressed by mesoestetic hydracream fusion?

Best suited for those with dry and/or sensitive skin.


How do I use mesoestetic hydracream fusion?

Take a 10c piece sized amount over dry skin, massage well, then emulsify with water and rinse well with plenty of tepid water and repeat if wearing makeup or SPF. Can also be removed with a facial cloth for a mild physical exfoliant. 



SKU: SQ5131768
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