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Pastelle Laser – The ultimate in skin laser treatment for:

  • Sun/Age Spots

  • Pigmentary Concerns

  • Brighter/Radiant Complexion

  • Even Skin Tone

  • Return Skin to its Youthful State


Downtime 1 days down time - with mild flaking of the pigment for 7 - 14 days
Pain ●●○○○
Treatment Time 15 - 30 minutes


Optimal results can be seen in as few as 2-3 treatments with 28 days between treatments.


Clients experience little, tolerable pain or mild discomfort. You will see redness and inflammation, can be reduced with ice packs.

With Laser Genesis treatments you can have slight pinkness or redness in the skin tone; it typically disappears within a few hours of your treatment, however the pigment itself will darken up to 3 shades and will start to flake off after 7- 14 days


Anyone who:

  • Is pregnant

  • Is, or has taken isotretinoin in the past six months

  • Has cold sores, acne, or any other skin infection

  • Currently has a bacterial or fungal infection

  • Has a history of keloid or hypertrophic scarring or wound healing

  • Has eczema, dermatitis or severe telangiectasia on treatment area

  • Has a tattoo on treatment area

  • Has sunburn

  • Is a long term user of cortisone

  • Has had anti-wrinkle injections within the past week- filler injections within the past 2 weeks

  • If you are unsure, contact our clinic.


Pastelle laser treats epidermal pigmentation by darkening brown spots which will sloughs off in a few weeks.

Dermal pigmentation is deeper in the skin and require a longer laser wavelength to target and break up the pigment without damaging skin cell and skin surface. It is a specific way the laser is treating the pigmentation without causing adverse effects such as hyper or hypo pigmentation.

Mixed pigmentation such as Melasma/PIH takes more time and sessions to treat. Pastelle PTP mode deliver sufficient energy to break up pigment cells, without triggering more pigmentation, which then can be removed by the body.


Avoid excessive sun exposure or used a solarium 2 weeks prior.

Advise your clinician if you:

  • Have had waxing within the treatment area

  • Have had laser or IPL treatments within the treatment area

  • Have had chemical/herbal treatments i.e. AHA peels, enzyme exfoliation therapies


To assist in the post treatment process, we recommend continual hydration of the skin, using prescribed cosmeceutical skin care, Avoid excessive exercise in the first 24 hours.

Avoid scrubs and exfoliants and strong skincare products for the first three to five days.

Avoid tanning and prolonged sun exposure for the first week.

Consider taking natural supplements or antiviral medication for prevention if you are prone to cold sore.


Clients are reccomended to pair Laser Pigmentation Removal with the Yellow LED Light Therapy treatment to fast-track the breakdown of the pigment through stimulation of the lymphatic system. No sun exposure 2 weeks post and use of SPF 50+ sunscreen to the treated area.

Any pigmentation removal treatments that use medical grade lasers can expect a mild discolouration of pigment before it heals after just a few days.

The treated area may also become more sensitive to sun exposure. treatments can be done every 2-4 weeks apart. 3 sessions is always ideal.

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