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Laser Genesis™ works by gently heating the upper layer of skin through distributing laser energy over thousands of micro pulses. This stimulates collagen to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, with additional heat generated in dilated capillaries to reduce redness and treat skin conditions such as rosacea and poikiloderma of civatte.
Laser Genesis™ is used to treat areas of the face, neck, décolletage and body.

Downtime The treatment requires no downtime and involves minimal discomfort. Laser Genesis can achieve that Hollywood red carpet glow.
Pain ○○○○○
Treatment Time 30 minutes


Laser Genesis™ produces subtle but consistent results with an initial series of treatments recommended to achieve optimum results that last up to one month. Regular treatments will help to maintain results.

You will see a glow is your skin as soon as the next day, however we reccomend a course of 4-6 treatments spread about 2-4 weeks apart, you’ll note that the Laser Genesis treatments have helped to restore your skin’s glow.

Treatment results are noticeable (pore minimisation or fresher looking skin) – but most show up over the course of a series of treatments (more even skin tone and firmer skin due to collagen stimulation).

The skin will look smoother as the uneven textures caused by ageing, sun damage or minor acne scarring will become minimised; leaving your skin looking fresher, brighter and more even in skin tone. If you want a healthier-looking complexion, try Laser Genesis if recommended by your Dermal Clinician.


With Laser Genesis treatments you can have slight pinkness or redness in the skin tone; it typically disappears within a few hours of your treatment. But if you have any lifestyle factors, medications, genetic, medical or health conditions that impact your skin’s health (or render this treatment an unsuitable option for your skin), please be sure to discuss this in detail with your Dermal Clinician during a Skin Care Assessment and Skin Treatment planning session


By gently heating up the upper dermis well below your skin’s surface, Laser Genesis improves the appearance of wrinkles through collagen stimulation.

Additional heat is generated in dilated capillaries to reduce redness.


Our experienced Dermal Therapist will ensure the treatment is as comfortable as possible. Prior to your first treatment, your clinician will consult with you to assess your suitability for Laser Genesis™ and discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

During the treatment, your skin is gently warmed using the Laser Genesis™. No anaesthetic is required with most clients describing the treatment as relaxing, feeling similar to hot/warm rain.

Protective eyewear must be worn at all times.


Laser Genesis does not require down time and clients are free to return to normal activities immediately post treatment. To assist in the post treatment process, we recommend continual hydration of the skin, using prescribed cosmeceutical skin care, no sun exposure or aggressive exercise, and to continue to use SPF 50+ sunscreen daily for optimal results.


To achieve the best results, an initial course of three to six treatments, are recommended with monthly treatments thereafter.

Your next treatment is due within two to four weeks.. One is rarely enough on it’s own but will tend to show some improvement. Every patient’s condition and skin treatment needs varies.


For more information about what results you can expect or the number of treatments that are necessary to treat your skin concern, consult with your Dermal Clinician.


Anyone who:

  • Is pregnant

  • Has active sunburn

  • Has suspicious lesions or known skin cancer in the treatment area

  • Has metal implants in treatment area with thin skin (i.e. jaw, orbit)

  • Has wounds or significant irritation/rashes in the treatment area

  • Has vitiligo

  • Is diabetic

  • Has tattoos at the treatment area

  • If you are unsure, contact our clinic

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