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A Cosmelan peel is a two-step treatment where the peel is applied to the skin by a certified skin care professional and is then washed off at home after the mask is worn for several to ten hours.


Once the mask is removed, a secondary cream is applied to protect new skin growth. A cosmelan peel differs from other skin brightening products and chemical peels in its ingredients, which are designed to treat the specific symptoms of melasma, which can occur during hormone changes in the body due to pregnancy or menopause, and hyperpigmentation, which can occur due to sun exposure or genetics.


This type of peel may be beneficial to those who have tried creams that contain hydroquinone or tretinoin in the past and suffered adverse reactions to these harsh ingredients, as a cosmelan peel does not contain them.

Downtime 1 - 5 days
Pain ●○○○○
Treatment Time 30 - 45 minutes


Before treatment, we will clean your skin to ensure that no excess oil or dead skin cells remain. The mask is then applied and left on for up to eight to ten hours. Once you are at home, you will remove the cosmelan peel on your own and then apply a secondary cream on a daily basis until the skin is healed. The Cosmelan Treatment Mask will be applied in clinic. - Aftercare is included in your take home Pack.

As this peel must be applied for eight to ten hours, we recommend you plan accordingly. Most clients prefer to relax at home afterward. The treated area will most likely be red with some possible tenderness over a couple of days following application. This is normal and indicates the peel is working.


Two to three days after treatment, your skin will peel or flake. Once the peeling and flaking stop, the moment you’ve been patiently waiting for has happened. The blemishes you addressed should be significantly diminished. This will gradually continue as your skin continues to heal. By the second week, you’ll notice that your skin has a new healthy glow. You can expect to see the complete results after four or five weeks.


To see full results of the initial treatment with the use of the Cosmelan post care, within the second week you’ll notice that your skin has a new healthy glow. You should see your full results approximately four to five weeks after your treatment.


Post care Pack of: Hydra Milk Cleanser, Hydratonic, Hydra-Vital Factor K and Dermatological Sun Protection are the only products to be used on the skin for either 24, 48 or 72 hours following treatment.

Your skin therapist will advise you accordingly as to how long you will be using these products for.


For about a week, you’ll experience redness, tightness, and peeling; then the pigmentation and blemishes will start to fade. Your skin will remain a little sensitive for the first two weeks—sometimes if you’re prone to irritation.

Avoid wearing makeup or using any skin products that aren’t recommended by your proffesional during this time.

It’s also imperative that you stay out of the sun. maintenance creams are necessary to complete the process.

Your initial results will continue to improve, with full benefits seen around week four or five.


The Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel is appropriate if you have hyperpigmentation and skin tone issues you wish to address.

You should not have this procedure if you are pregnant or nursing, have used Accutane in the last six months, or have active rosacea. In these circumstances, treatment would need to be postponed or other options may be recommended.

If you are uncertain if a Cosmelan Peel is right for you, meet with one of our specialists for consultation.

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