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Mosman Services

A consultation with a Face by SM specialist is required prior to any treatment or treatment plan.
Packages are only valid for individual use. Prices are subject to change. Complimentary extras advised upon enquiry.

Women's Health

Full Face & Neck Resurfacing   $1750
Full Face Resurfacing   $1500
Labia Majora Lightening   $750
Laser Half Face   $750
Laser Resurfacing Face, Neck & Chest   $2000
Laser Resurfacing Stomach   $1750
Laser Resurfacing Hands Add On   $200 
Laser Scar Revision Large Area   $1000
Laser Scar Revision Medium Area   $850
Laser Scar Revision Small Area   $600
Laser Scar Revision Extra-Small Area   $400
Male Intimate Lightening   $500 
Periorbital Resurfacing   $400

Femi Lift   $1500
Skin Tight & Lightening Labia Majora   $900
Skin Tight Breast   $500 
Skin Tight Buttocks   $500
Skin Tight Full Face   $400 
Skin Tight Full Face and Neck   $500

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